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Rajaram Beloshe

Hand pounding rice at home


Rajaram Narayan Beloshe and his wife Pushpa stay in the village Shindewadi of Jaoli taluka of Satara district. He studied till 12th and later worked as a peon in a residential school in Panchgani for many years and retired a few years ago. He and his wife work together in their 1.5 acre farm growing Kaveri rice, potatoes in kharif season (monsoon) and wheat, jowar, harbara in the rabbi season (winters). 

His wife Pushpa, along with Kavita Beloshe, Priya Beloshe, Janabai Beloshe, Sharada Parte, Jayashri Khandagale, Savitribai Shinde, Mngal Shinde, Sunanda Shinde and Ranjana Shinde have been hand-pounding their rice for years. The hard work of hand-pounding rice is done in groups by all these women time to time. As the hand-pounded rice is less processed, it retains more nutrients than the machine processed rice, thus making it more nutritios and tastier too.

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