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School Hand Wash

Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of childhood mortality in India. Grampari runs a highly structured, robust school hand-washing campaign that promotes hand washing with soap – a low cost, high impact intervention that has the potential to prevent over 40% of child deaths. In addition to teaching students about proper hand washing techniques, we build 'Tippy Tap' devices in villages and schools. Tippy Taps are low cost hand washing devices that are easy to build and maintain and save water. They consist of little more than soap, sticks, and a water container. We visit 15 schools a year and visit each school seven times, educating children why, where, and how to wash hands through engaging activities such as games and competitions. We have observed substantial growth in hand washing and nail cutting in the schools where we have worked.


Building a Tippy Tap outside of a school in Ranghegar


Teaching proper handwashing technique through a song and dance

A boy using a Tippy Tap in his village

The Tippy Tap

Achievements 2015-2018

  • Conducted programs in 45 primary schools, which involved 2900 students and 180 teachers

  • Conducted 7 teacher workshops, training 350 teachers

  • Celebrated Global Hand Wash Day with 1400 students at 20 schools

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