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Having access to clean, abundant water is of utmost importance to the villages where we work. Healthy drinking water is a fundamental need for human life, and agriculture, which provides the livelihood of most villagers, is very dependent on water. Grampari works very hard with villages in innovative ways to deliver water for drinking and agriculture. We have built gabion check dams and continuous contour trenches to recharge groundwater, springboxes to protect water sources from pollutants and contaminants, drainage coverage and soak pits to protect water in villages, and treatment for waste water such as reed bed filtration systems. 

Shramadan: We work closely with villagers on these projects and ensure that they are invested in maintaining and taking these projects forward. When conducting watershed activities, we first educate villagers on the technical and geological aspects of the project. We then organize Shramadan (dignity of labor) in which all villagers from all castes come together and volunteer their time and effort into the project.





Nabard: Recently, we have started working with NABARD on the Springshed Based Watershed Development Programme​, which takes an integrated approach to watershed development by focusing on groundwater recharge, spring protection, livelihoods and agriculture. 


Continuous Contour Trenches

Spring Box

Gabion Check Dam


Rajpurewadi villagers digging continuous contour trenches to increase groundwater recharge.

Men from Shindewadi put mesh over a gabion check dam.


The village of Ruighar struggled to maintain its watersupply throughout the year. During the summer, they would require a tanker from outside the village to supply them with water. Grampari worked with Ruighar to build three gabion check dams to recharge groundwater. The entire village worked together to build the dams, and the youth made a great contribution, many of them coming from Mumbai to join the work. We have also worked with Ruighar villagers to build two spring boxes. This work will ensure clean, abundant water for Ruighar in the coming years.


Achievements 2015-2018

  • Built 17 spring boxes in 6 villages, benefiting 4700 people.

  • Conducted watershed recharge projects in 8 villages.

  • Provided 3 trainings on geology and spring work for 150 participants

  • Provided training on watershed activities for over 40 youth and community members

  • Conducted 2 trainings for 100 Village Drinking Water and Sanitation Committee members

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