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Over the years, Grampari has developed robust and impactful livelihood programs for women and youth, which aim to build self confidence, provide opportunities for income generation, and increase participation in village development.


Grampari Enterprises: Multiple women work in Grampari's Livelihood and Training Center, making quilts, cloths, and other goods. We provide these women, as well as others from the villages, a market to sell the goods they produce.


Village Enterprises: After completing training at Grampari, 15 women from Pachputewadi started making sanitary napkins, which can be either used for themselves or sold to generate income. Grampari also conducts training in quilt making, paper bag making, and other goods production.

Residential ProgramsGrampari conducts 2-3 week residential programs for both male and female youth. In these programs participants are taught practical skills such as plumbing, electrical work and organic farm. Most importantly, however, they are taught to practice inner listening and personal development, as well as how to participate in village development.


Sanitary napkins made by women from Pachputewadi

Women learning how to make natural cleaners at Grampari

Grampari livelihoods

Grampari livelihoods

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Achievements 2015-2018

  • Conducted 6 residential programmes for 110 youth

  • Conducted 6 trainings for 250 women from over 12 villages

  • An enterprise to make sanitary pads was started in Pachputewadi, with 15 women participating​

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