Our Team

Our team is the backbone of our work. Every morning, we sit together for quiet time, where we reflect and share on how we can change and grow in our own lives, which translates to honest, impactful work in the villages. Most of our staff are from nearby villages, so we have significant understanding of the contexts of our work. We seek to be the change that we wish to see, both as individuals and as an organization.

Our Change Stories


Jayashree Rao

Jayashree is the founder and director of Grampari. She completer her diploma in Business Management and ran a successful machine tool trading organization in Bangalore for 30 years. Learn more about her story here.


Shubhangi Autade

Shubhangi has completed her Master in Social Work and has worked in the  rural development sector for over 17 years, especially with women's livelihood activities. She joined Grampari in 2010 and is working as Livelihood coordinator and Nabard coordinator.


Ganesh Pujari

In addition to his six degrees including MSW, Ganesh brings wonderful talents such as singing and acting to Grampari. He joined Grampari in 2011 and has over 10 years experience in rural development work, including 3 years in watershed management. Ganesh coordinates the the WASH programme as well as the school hand wash programme in primary schools


Dipak Jadhav

Dipak has completed his MSW and posseses 10 years experience in rural development work, including working with Self Help Groups and Participatory Irrigation Management. He joined Grampari in 2012 and coordinates the Grampari Adopted Villages


Dhananjay Ambrale

Dhananjay is a commerce graduate with excellent knowledge in accounting and finance. He joined Grampari in 2013. His roles include working on Spring Protection and helping maintain
accounts of project activities.

vishal_bagade-1 (1).jpg

Vishal Bagade

Vishal has completed his MSW and joined Grampari in 2015. His communication and community mobilization skills make him an excellent leader of our Youth programme, which includes implementing eco-friendly annual Ganesh festivals and organizing residential programmes.  

sagar_bhilare (1).jpg

Sagar Bhilare

Sagar is an agricultural graduate with expertise in sustainable farming. He has worked with Grampari since 2013, overseeing sustainable farming activities. Sagar looks after the development of Grampari's farm, coordinates an indigenous seed bank, and promotes sustainable farming in the villages.

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Ashok More

Ashok is a village farmer turned para hydrogeologist. Ashok has taught himself geology and leads Grampari's spring protection programme. Since joining Grampari in 2012, he has helped develop over 30 springs in over 20 villages.


Shashikant Khandagale

Shashikant has been working with Grampari since 2011, and oversees the work done on Grampari's farm. He has developed a banana and lemon garden and also maintains the medicinal garden. 

vijay (1).jpg

Vijay Bade

Vijay has completed a Diesel Mechanic course. After participating in a Grampari one month residential programme, he joined the team in 2015. In addition to utilizing his many skills ranging from plumbing to electrical work to film making where needed, he plays a large role in the Youth programme. He also helps maintain the Grampari training and livelihood centre.


Moreshwar Parte

Moreshwar works in Grampari's watershed programme as a parahydrologist. He joined Grampari in 2018 after completing his first year B Comm.


Archana Rao

Archana Rao is currently the Country Director for Global Citizen Year, India a US based educational social enterprise and works as a consultant on the Grampari team. Previously she worked with Grampari for 3 years as an Associate Director primarily managing the Springs Protection Project. Her experience includes 8 years as an International Sales Manager and 5 years experience in Social Housing in the UK. She holds an Msc in Development Economics.. 


Kamal More

Kamal has been working for Grampari since 2014. Her responsibilities include keeping the facilities clean, cooking for residential programs, and keeping the Grampari staff hydrated with Chai.


Shoba Beloshe

Shoba joined Grampari in 2017 and helps manage activities on the farm. She also takes care of 'Gowry,' Grampari's cow.

Dipak Burkule

Dipak joined Grampari in 2014. A retired civil engineer, Dipak now works for Grampari as a full time volunteer, assisting with engineering projects in waste management and watershed.

Dipak Jadhav

Dipak's father and older brother stopped communicating with him after he married a woman from a different caste. Dipak harbored much resentment against them, and he thought that his father didn't care for him and his brother wanted his inheritance property. Three years after the wedding, Dipak took quiet time and imagined himself in his father's and brother's shoes.

He remembered that they had invested a great deal in his success. His brother advised him on how to get an MSW and his father supported his studies financially. Realizing this, he tried to reconnect with his father and brother and rebuild their relationship. Over the years, their relationship had mended, and his family now accepts his wife and 7 year old daughter.

Our Contributors

It is important to aknowledge the work of past employees, volunteers, and interns, who have contributed greatly to Grampari's growth and development.

Jared Bueno: One of Grampari's first employees, Jared worked at Grampari from 2009-2014. He completed a PhD in hydrogeology in the US. He designed the springbox that was implemented in numerous villages and was instrumental in developing Grampari's watershed programme. 

Sowmya Somnath: Sowmya also worked at Grampari from 2009-2014. A civil engineer from Canada, Sowmya introduced the Tippy Tap and set up Grampari's school hand wash programme.

Anandi Gandhi: Anandi came from Pune to work at Grampari for six months in 2012. She played a large role in setting up Grampari's garden and farm.

Arthur Adams: Arthur came all the way from Arizona, USA to spend two months at Grampari in 2013. He started planting coffee crop at Grampari and AP farm. 

Aparna Shrivatsav: Aparna worked at Grampari from 2011-2013. She contributed greatly to Grampari's livelihood programme, as she taught how to make smokeless chulas.

Yoni Maltsman: Yoni is from Illinois, USA and spent two months as an intern for Grampari, helping address the impacts of technology and mobile phones in schools and villages. He also built this website, so send your complaints his way.