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 Wednesday time of silence 


2 October 2019

Every Wednesday  Grampari has regular time of listening to your inner voice,this week it was on the 2nd of October. We talked about Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts on nonviolence and proceeded to look at what form  violence takes in our daily life after being quiet for a while a Sirpanch of a village said that he always talks to his wife with anger and thought that was also violence similarly another lady shared her relationship with her mother in law and how that communication can be more non violent..

Mr.Bhagvan Mandhare after a time of quiet decided to give a property to his uncle which he had kept for himself as the uncle was not as powerful as him in fighting the court cases.


“Life skills training” for DMLT BEL AIR students


Duration: - 23rd to 25th Sept.2019

Participants: - 27 Students & One teacher

 Vivar & Shindewadi Spring Village visit 


Inner transformation part I


 I want to say sorry to my friend for not accepting her apology.

 I have decided to give up drinking.

Soul Nurture


I become jealous when my friend   gets more marks in exams

I am closer to my cousin than my own brother. I quarrel a lot with him.

I realized in this quiet time that I should apologize to him.

Inner transformation part II


I hit my younger brother on his head with a pot. I feel bad about this and will apologise to him

Meeting with villagers from the Grampari adopted villages

75 farmers from 10 Grampari adopted villages attended the meeting on 12th October The enthusiasm was palpable. What was wonderful was the keenness to help each other.

We took stock of the work done, what needs to be done and to ensure the sustainability of the work done. 

While everyone came up with a budget we informed them that Grampari did not have resources to meet all the needs.But would help them in doing quality work with funds available from the government.

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