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Grameen va Paryavaran Kendra


ग्रामीण व पर्यावरण केंद्र 

Grampari’s 15 year anniversary celebration 


We are on a mission to build the capacity of rural Maharashtra through thoughtful, community led programmes that foster both spiritual and economic development.

About Us

Learn about our innovative projects in livelihoods, empowerment, health & environment, and local governance that are transforming village communities.

Support our mission by making a donation, joining the team, or contributing your time, skills, and ideas to Grampari.

Current Activities

Grampari  celebrates its 4th programme of its 15th year with a programme for 150 youth. Honouring those who have persisted with personal  change and development work in the. Villages.
Among several stories shared by the youth were one from a student from the Village of Rangeghar  who said coming from a upper caste family she always looked down on students from the lower class and used every opportunity to show them as inferior often even bullying them. After attending a residential programme in Grampari she changed this attitude has made friends with them and now eats from their lunch bixes this has also influenced the attitude of the other students.
A young man shared how he saw his fault in the way he treated his step mother. Earlier he could only see with bitterness the autrocities his step mother  had committed including not giving him good as a child. His apology changed his step mother's attitude and better a relationship has been built up.


Our Partners

Grampari has multiple financial and collaborative partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, and government organizations to support and sustain our work.

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